This is an early-day design and I can’t wait to make one again. Made of super-smooth vegetable tanned Tourillion leather (Remy Carriat) there are almost no seams to been seen on the outside. An expensive way to work, because you end up with quite some waste material (no worries, you can always use the waste material for smaller projects in the future), but then again without the seams, the leather sort of finds its natural way. I did not know beforehand that the bag would give the V shaped pleads in the front. Happy accident (thank you Bob Ross).

For the lining, I used pure wool and the handles are stitched with a cross stitch over the center (see image below) to make the handle as “plain” as possible. As you can see the handles are stitched to the outside of the bag and folded in afterwards. At first I was not sure if,¬†when lifting the bag, the lining would come up, but luckily this was not the case. The lining (even with an empty bag) keeps the handles in place.

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