Kawasaki Z 750 ’84

This is the first motorcycle seat I made. Not knowing where to begin I spend hours on youtube watching tutorials and trying to understand the way this should be put together. After seeing tens of movies I noticed there was more to it then shaping foam and stitching leather together.

Every year I attend Wheels and Waves in Biarritz, France and lately I am obviously focussing mainly on the leather handmade seats and with 10.000 custom bikes ont the spot it’s a fulltime job. After inspecting all these seats one thing caught my attention though. The seats where beautifully made, the stitching perfectly done, beautiful pattern and beautiful leather but everybody seemed to struggle with getting the seat perfectly fit to the frame and the gastank. I figured that, even if my seat was nice, this “not fitting” would be giving me a complete headache. So I started by finding a way to fit the seat pan (this is what we call the underlayment of the seat)  “snug” to the frame of the bike. These days I use 1.2 mm galvanized iron plate but in this particular seat I used wood. I used 3 layers of maple wood and formed them the way I used to make skateboards back in the days. The flexibility of the wood made it possible to perfectly follow the frame of the bike and I glued the three layers on top of each other and clamped the entire thing to the frame. When the glue was dry I had a perfectly fitted seat pan.  In the meantime my youtube studies where paying off and I was ready to start shaping the foam. (Seat foam from my friend who’s refurbishing Gispen chairs) and creating the actual leather seat. It’s the first seat I made but it’s still one of my best.

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