When I asked my colleague what he thought of my new “Duffel” he replied: “I love your “Buffel” can you make me one?” and so the name for the bag was born: “The Buffel”. After all it is made of the leather from a water buffel.

I made this bag for myself and I wanted a bag I could throw around and that would age well in time. I also wanted a bag that would protect my stuff (laptop etc..) when I, e.g. place it on the floor at the train station. For this, the leather had to be strong and thick and the bottom had to be rigid. The rigidness was obtained by the way the sides and the handles are sewn to the bottom of the bag.

Furthermore, I did not need “inner pockets” because I never use them. All the stuff that needs to be placed in inner pockets all have their own little bags and I simply trow these “inner bags” in any bag that suits me at that time. The bag has no “lining” (inside) because I love the texture of the flesh side of the leather. No shoulder strap because I simply never use them and the handles are directly sewn in the bag (no rings or other stuff, just one piece). To close the bag I used a strong size 6 riri zipper.

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