About Rogier

I used to work as a User Experience designer and now I’m a ‘learning on the job’  leather craftsman. If you want to know why I took this switch you will have to send me an email because it’s a long (and boring) story. Here I only want to talk briefly about why I do what I do and what makes this the best job in the world.

First of all, I have a passion for product design. Ever since I got into a museum I always hoped they had an exhibition about furniture or old samurai fighting suits, old cars… Anything where design and usability would meet in the middle; where form follows function. Where everyday products are allowed to be beautiful and, at the same time, of very high quality. Gispen, Porche, Redwing, Quad audio. All high-end expensive goods; but are they really expensive? If you calculate the years of joy you get from these products, it’s a different ballgame. Every day I put on my Redwing shoes I get a moment of joy. After that I kind of forget I wear them because they sort of became a part of my body. Yes they cost 320 euros but If I wear them 50% of the time the next 10 years I will enjoy them around 1800 times. And I wonder if they are done in 10 years. They probably last longer.

I believe in long-lasting quality products and my dream is to become a supplier of these goods myself. I want to make these products tailor-made and from the best products on the market. Not in factories far away, but right here in Rotterdam.

So why this Motorcycle seat mix with Bags, well… honestly I have no clue… really. I just can’t choose between the two. Riding and designing motorbikes with my buddy Alexander Boer is my hobby and a big part of the motorcylce design is (and this is my opinion) is the seat. The form, the material, the quality and the way its designed for that specific bike; the exact fit. But at the same time I love working on e.g a women’s tote bag. To see a client back after a few months with one of my bags still in shape (some traces of excessive usage) gives me straight-out a good feeling.

If you like what you see, feel free to contact me. Bring your old worn-out bag, bring your ideas for a bag or a motorcycle seat and we will work on it together. I am looking forward!

Kind regards,
Rogier Kien